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 We work for our clients, NOT shareholders
About us, and why we exist...
FACT: McDonald's sells more hamburgers than anyone else in the world.
          Does that mean they make the best hamburger?
Or, Why you should use an Independent Broker, who are also Realtors, rather than a franchise brokerage or perhaps a real estate agent who works for a frasnchised broker...

We are all Realtors, which does make a difference.  Some licensees are not Realtors, but can legally sell real estate.  Nothing wrong with that, some even do a fine job of it.  However, Realtors must abide by the stadards set forth in the Code of Ethics, which far exceeds the State of California Laws on Agency. 

It does make a

We use the money to market your home that other franchised agents may be reluctant to pay, as a portion of their commision must be paid to out of area, or out of state corporations!  Always use an Independent Broker.

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We proudly serve the following communities
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Morgan Hill
San Martin
San Juan Bautista
Los Banos
San Jose
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Los Gatos
Los Altos
Mountain View
Pacific Grove
Santa Cruz
Redwood City
PLUS many others

California Real Estate
We are a volunteer group of Real Estate Brokers servicing mainly the Southern Santa Clara County area--the Southern Gateway to Silicon Valley.  We banded together to promote the many valuable benefits of using Independent Brokerages for your real estate needs.  We are REALTORS, and by working independently, we can assure you, either as a seller or buyer,  we will meet your needs professionally and financially.  Brokers have reached the highest educational requirements offered by the State of California.  Experience and knowledge is our stock in trade.  Our concerns are for our clients we work for, not some parent company (read: Franchise), thus assuring our clients the best services possible...We staff our offices with the best agents we can find-we do not run "license mills".  We do everything other agents do, only better...
Our goal is to make your transaction work towards the results you desire...
You can put your trust and confidence in us.
As you'll see, it is always best to use an Independent Broker...
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